Chaplaincy History

Since 1980 the Chaplaincy Manchester Airport has provided pastoral and spiritual care and guidance to Manchester Airport’s customers and staff, whatever their faith tradition. The chaplaincy works in partnership with the 200 different companies represented at Manchester Airport with regard to training and support for staff. The Multi-Faith chaplaincy team supports and provides assistance to all Manchester Airport employees. The matters that the chaplains deal with are confidential.

The Chaplaincy Manchester Airport became a Registered Charitable Company in 1997. (Company No 3664008 Charity No 1074781)

October 1980

The Revd Arthur Grimshaw takes up the post of Chaplain

(Manchester Airport serves 4 million passengers p.a. and has 4,000 staff)

August 1985

Fire on board a British Airtours 737 tested The Chaplaincy’s response and involved a number of local clergy in serving the needs of survivors and relatives

September 1988

MAplc opens the first Prayer Room to serve what are now Terminals 1 & 3

September 1991

The first of the Chaplaincy’s weekly newsletters is published

November 1992

Revd Mike Vincer appointed

December 1992

Revd Arthur Grimshaw retires

May 1995

MAplc Corporate Management Team authorise an Airport-wide Review of Chaplaincy services

July 1995

Wayfarer Credit Union is established as a result of joint work by the Chaplain and the T&G

August 1995

Service of Remembrance recalling the 10th anniversary of the British Airtours accident

Jan to Oct 1996

Review team undertake a comprehensive Review of Chaplaincy Provision at Manchester Airport and prepare their recommendations

July 1996

MAplc provides Prayer Room to serve Terminal 2

October 1996

Recommendations received by MAplc, Greater Manchester Churches Together and Greater Manchester Industrial Mission

November 1996

Review Team becomes the Working Group to begin the process of implementing the proposals and establishing the Chaplaincy, the intent being that representatives from the Airport and the Churches should manage it jointly

November 1998

The Chaplaincy becomes a Company Limited by guarantee

March 1999

The Chaplaincy is registered as a Charity

July 1999

Jenny Wright joins the Chaplaincy as its Pastoral Coordinator

June 2000

The Chaplaincy Board and the Salvation Army appoint Captain Ian Field as a second full-time Chaplain

October 2000

Daily Morning Prayers on Monday to Friday begin in T1 Prayer Room

November 2001

The first Module in a four-Module training programme is held for members of the Chaplaincy’s Emergency Response Team

October 2003

The 4-module Training programme is modified to become a 3-Module programme running through the winter period for Airlines and Handling Agents

January 2004

Three Associate Chaplains, Revd Kennedy Bedford, Moulana Faruk Ali and Revd Tony Powell are appointed to serve specific areas of the Airport

September 2004

Revd Terry Simms is appointed Assistant Chaplain jointly by the Chaplaincy Board and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Shrewsbury to work 1 day each week

May 2005

Revd Kevin Ball appointed to succeed Mike Vincer as Senior Chaplain 

July 2005

Major Ian Field leaves the Chaplaincy

August 2005

20th Anniversary of the British Airtours fire is recalled

September 2005

The International Association of Civil Aviation Chaplains holds its Annual Conference at Manchester Airport

October 2005

Revd Kevin Ball joins the Chaplaincy

December 2005

Revd Canon Mike Vincer retires

April 2006

Revd Terry Simms’s commitment as RC Chaplain is increased to 3 days each week

May 2007

Jenny Wright retires as Pastoral Coordinator. The chaplaincy appoints a part-time administrator.

June 2007

Revd Kennedy Bedford appointed as Part Time Independent Pentecostal Chaplain

July 2007

Formal agreement between the Chaplaincy and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to act as Non- Governmental Organisation in repatriation of British Citizens into the UK through Manchester

April 2008

The Airport Care Team, some 20 airport volunteers came under the control of The Chaplaincy to assist with pastoral care of people in the airport. This complements the 60 members of faith groups who are on call for emergency situations.

October 2008

Formal Agreement for working with the Ministry of Defence in repatriation of service personnel and families through Manchester on compassionate grounds

November 2008

Appointed Chaplains to Pennine House the UK Borders Agency Detention Centre sited at Terminal 2

April 2009

Diversity Training to Manchester Airport and Airlines staff.

July 2009

Emergency Planning Training Revisited; the new programme to begin in November

August 2009

Rabbi Jonathan Roitenbarg is appointed Associate Jewish Chaplain
Revd David Ottley and Revd Keith Stewart appointed part time Associate Chaplains

August 2010

25th Anniversary of the British Airtours fire is recalled

July 2011

Revd Kevin Ball leaves the Chaplaincy


Major Ian Field serves as Acting Senior Chaplain and oversees the recruitment and appointment of a new Co-ordinating Chaplain

November 2011

Revd George Lane appointed as Co-ordinating Chaplain

March 2012

Revd George Lane licensed as Co-ordinating Chaplain

January 2013

Revd Mike Denny arrives as RC Chaplain to work 1 day each week alongside Revd Terry Simms