Airport Care Team

Manchester Airport Care Team (ACT) was established in January 2008 and consists of volunteers from across the Airport Community. It is co-sponsored by the chaplaincy and the airport’s own Emergency Planning Team.

The team supplements the work of the chaplaincy team in humanitarian assistance cases when several people are required to assist, or more rarely if there are no chaplains available. ACT Team members may be asked to deploy to assist chaplains to meet a passenger in distressing circumstances or in family reunion cases referred to us by The British Red Cross. They may be deployed as the “independent responsible adult” when Border Force need to interview a child, or vulnerable adult.

More specifically, the ACT has two main roles within the Airport:


The Airport Care Team assists the Chaplaincy Team in providing assistance to those involved in an emergency situation or personal tragedy.

For this reason they regularly take part in live exercises in the Reception Centres.


Individual members of the Airport Care Team also have a day to day role in assisting the Chaplaincy Team when called upon to offer pastoral and humanitarian assistance around the airport.

Being a part of the ACT is a very rewarding experience and a way for any staff member to use their volunteering hours to get involved in the welfare and well-being of people at the airport.

Any staff member can apply to join Manchester Airport Care Team.
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For more information please download our information leaflet  Airport Care Team Leaflet