Help with a passenger

The Chaplaincy has staff on site Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 16.00. Outside of these times we provide a 24 hour on call-service which includes:

  • meeting the pastoral and humanitarian needs of those who travel through or visit the Airport
  • working in partnership with Government Agencies and NGOs to provide assistance to passengers in need
  • care and support for those travelling on pilgrimage and their families
  • an assurance that all matters are treated with professionalism and in complete confidence

The most common queries we receive are:

  1. There is a foreign national who needs to get back to their home country and they have no money
  2. A British national has arrived back in the UK with no money (wallet or credit cards stolen) and needs to get home
  3. Someone has missed their flight and they need somewhere to stay as they have no money
  4. An individual or family has been delayed and they need food and/or somewhere to stay
  5. A referral from the FCDO or Red Cross

Most of these can be handled by asking the guest if there are family members or friends who can pay for tickets/food/accommodation online or through the respective foreign embassy. If none of these options work the Chaplaincy may be able to arrange a loan to cover these costs.

If you would like to speak to a member of the chaplaincy team please contact us on 0161 489 2838

Please remember that outside of core hours this is an on-call “best efforts” service.

chaplains helping with passengers