Airport Care Team


Manchester Airport Care team was established in January 2008 from a small team of volunteers from across the airport site as a response to the need to provide humanitarian assistance to evacuees, as well as to friends and relatives of those involved in a major aircraft related incident.

Care Team members come from a variety of disciplines - Customer Contact Centre, Lounges, Engineering, Security, Customer Service and various departments in Olympic House.

Regular training sessions were arranged to provide continuous training and group engagement. These sessions were on an informal basis and relied on individuals giving up time in their lunch break and/or day off.

The Airport Care Team is different from the Special Assistance Teams (SAT). Special Assistance Teams (SAT) provide assistance to Customer Services to provide passengers and staff in the event of operational disruption – for example assisting passengers during an evacuation. In 2010 the Airport Care Team was involved in Manchester Airport’s response to the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud and the consequent flight delays and cancellations.

Members of the Airport Care Team can also be members of the Special Assistance Teams in the event of operational disruption but their first priority must always be to the Airport Care Team.
The team is led by the Emergency Reslience Manager, Mark Susca, and the Co-ordinating Chaplain, George Lane.

The Airport Care Team Co-ordinator, Jackie Dodd, is the central point of contact for Airport Care Team members, and for deployment.