• March 1, 2024

Celebrating the Easter Season (Ascension)


Celebrating the Easter Season (Ascension)

Celebrating the Easter Season (Ascension) 1024 683 George Lane

Ascension Day is on Thursday May 9, 2024 (in the Western Church – the Eastern (Orthodox) churches’ calendar will mark this the Ascension on Thursday June 13) The Chaplaincy, Manchester Airport will mark the day with a short simple lunchtime service of Holy Communion at 12.30 in the Terminal 1 Prayer Room (at Ground level Check In (before security) – at the rear of Terminal 1 Arrivals) The service is open to all, and everyone is welcome; the service will be led by an airport chaplain from the Church of England (Anglican / Episcopal) or Free Church traditions.

Following the biblical account (in the first chapter of the book of the Acts of the Apostles) that the risen Jesus appeared for 40 days prior to his Ascension, Ascension Day commemorates the Christian belief of the physical (bodily) ascension of Jesus into Heaven forty days after Easter (the day Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from the dead). It is one of the ecumenical festivals of Christian churches (i.e. it is shared by many Christian denominations).

William Temple, a former Archbishop of Canterbury said: “The ascension of Christ is his liberation from all restrictions of time and space. It does not represent his removal from the earth, but his constant presence everywhere on earth.”

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