Prayer and Worship at Manchester Airport

Pray with us

Christian Daily Prayers are said in Terminal 1 Multi-Faith Prayer Room

Monday – Friday at 08.30 (excluding bank holidays)

A Christian Service of Holy Communion is celebrated in Terminal 1 Multi-Faith Prayer Room

on the first Thursday of every month at 13.00 hrs and at other times as advertised.


Islamic Friday (Jummah) Prayers are held in the Terminal 3 Multi-Faith Prayer Room

at 13.00 GMT winter, 1330  BST summer.


Timetables for Islamic prayers are provided in the Multi-Faith Prayer Rooms with correct times for Manchester.

The Qibla (direction for Islamic prayers) is set correctly under the authority of the Airport’s Islamic Chaplain. If you have reason to doubt its accuracy, do not move or deface the sign, but contact a member of the Chaplaincy Team.


If you would like to speak to a member of the chaplaincy team please contact us on 0161 489 2838.