Prayer Diary - June 2018

Week 23  June 04 -  Jun 10 2018

This week we remember in our prayers our colleagues in:

Our Team of volunteer interpreters

Those wh have been trafficked into the UK

Victims of Forced Marriage and Honour based Violence

Joe's Kitchen

Airport Security


And we remember the airport chaplaincies at:

Lubin Airport, Poland

Rev Krzystof Czerwinksi - Catholic

Lubumbashi Intl Airport, Congo

Dr Francis Mutach Kapend - United Methodist

Deacon Jean Claude Yav Kabey

Lusaka Intl Airport,  Zambia

Sister Bernard M Nkando - Roman Catholic

Chande Conent

Lyon Saint-Exupery Intl Airport, France

Rev Bernard Tournier - Roman Catholic

Pastor Daniel Martelt - Protestant

Rabbi Wertenschlog - Jewish

Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport, Madrid-Spain

Rev Dr Alberto Garcia Ruiz - Roman Catholic

Malta Intl Airport, Malta

Fr Tonio Mifsud OFM Conv - Roman Catholic

Ms Sylvia Agius - Roman Catholic


Week 24  Jun 11 - Jun 12 2018

This week we remember in our prayers our colleagues in:

All Homeless people/rough sleepers that end up at Manchester Airport, many with psychological and other personal problems

Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Booth Centre

Consultant Social Workers

FAB Bed & Breakfast of Cheshire

And we remember the airport chaplaincies at:

Manilla Ninoy Aquino Intl airport, Phillipines

Msgr Modesto M Teston - Roman Catholic

Fr Efren R Alberto - Roman Catholic

Araceli G Valero - Roman Catholic

Rebecca Dequina - Roman Catholic

Lourdes Dequina - Roman Catholic

Guia Gonzales - Roman Catholic

Manchester Airport, UK

Rev George Lane - Anglican

Jackie Dodd - Roman Catholic

Revd Kennedy Bedford - Shiloh Pentecostal

Deacon Mike Denny - Roman Catholic

Revd Keith Stewart - Roman Catholic

Revd Terry Simms - Roman Catholic

Major Ian Field - Salvation Army

Revd Jean Hurlston - Anglican

Revd Bill Raines - Anglican

Moulana Faruk Ali - Muslim

Assia Shah - Muslim

Joseph Sandler - Jewish

Jonathan Roitenbarg - Jewish


Week 25  Jun 18 - Jun 24 2018

This week we remember in our prayers our colleagues in:

Terminal Duty Managers T1, T2, T3

Manager and staff at Motor Transport

MA's Business Support Team

M.A.'s Passenger and Transport Services

M.A.'s Customer Services Officers

Staff at Driver Training and Licencing

The Pass Office

And we remember the airport chaplaincies at:

Melbourne Intl Airport, Victoria, Australia

Captain Martin Scrimshaw - Salvation Army

Majors Graeme and Helen McClimont - Salvation Army

Mary Holloway - Anglican

Sharon Chawdary - Buddhist

Major Chris Black - Salvation Army

Miami Intl Airport, Florida, USA

Rev Dennis E Jordan - Roman Catholic

Milan Malpensa Intl Airport, Italy

Rev Don Ruggero Camagni - Roman Catholic

Deacon Angelo Montalbetti - Roman Catholic

Milwaukee General Mitchell Intl Airport, Wisconsin USA

Susanne Mckinney - Catholic

Minneopolis/St Paul Intl Airport, Minnesota USA

Rev Robert P White - Ecumenical

Deacon Patrick Evans - Roman Catholic - Ecumenical

James Noon - Ecumenical

Terry Beer - Ecumenical

David Sterling - Bahai

Christine Olsen - Ecumenical

Mike Moe - Ecumenical

Christine Furlong - Ecumenical

Peggy O Phelan - Ecumenical


Week 26  Jun 25 - Jul 01 2018

This week we remember in our prayers our colleagues in:

Olympic House Secretarial and Reception staff

MA's Executive Assistants

MA's Team Secretaries

MAG Corporate Affairs Team

MAG's Legal Counsel

And we remember the airport chaplaincies at:

Mombassa Moi Intl Airport, Kenya

Rev Harrison Mwasi- Anglican

Rev Johnson Mwara - Presbyterian

Sr Pearl Asila - Evangelical

Rt Revd Julius Kalu - Patron

Montreal Mirabel Intl Airport, Canada

Montreal - Pierre Elliott Trudeau Intl Airport, Canada

Christiane Hermanns - Anglican

Richard Wiltshire - Anglican