Prayer & worship services

Multi faith prayer rooms

Multi-Faith Prayer Rooms are provided for all airport visitors and staff to use for quiet contemplation and prayer 24 hours a day.

Prayer mats and religious books for many faiths are available (please do not leave any of your own as we get too many and they will be removed)

Timetables for Islamic prayers are provided with times for Manchester and the Qibla (direction for Islamic prayers) is set correctly by the Airport’s Islamic Chaplain.

Christian Daily Prayers are said in Terminal 1 landside Prayer Room Monday – Friday at 08.30 (excluding bank holidays).

The Prayer Rooms may be used for services by visiting and pilgrimage groups, if you would like further details please contact the Chaplaincy.

Please note: 

  • Respect the needs of others who may wish to use the Multi-Faith Prayer Room
  • Do not sleep, eat or use mobile phones (other than prayer apps) in the room.
  • Replace all books and prayer mats where you found them.
  • Do not move furniture
Prayer Room locations

Prayer rooms are well signposted in all three terminals (please note there is no prayer room in T3 after security). The maps below show the locations,

if you need any help please ask at one of the information desks.

Pray with us

Worship Services

Whether you are a member of staff or just passing through you are welcome to join us for prayer.


Daily Prayer at 8:30 a.m. in the T1 Landside Multi Faith Prayer Room.

Holy Communion/Eucharist is led by Anglican or Free Church chaplains on the first Wednesday of every month at 12.30 in Terminal 1 Landside Prayer Room and on major festivals and holy days.

A regular Roman Catholic Mass is held in Terminal 1 Landside Prayer Room in partnership with the Wythenshawe RC Team Ministry. Contact Deacon Chris Wells (RC Chaplain) on 0161 489 2113 or by text on 07958 876 791.

Please see the chaplaincy Facebook page for further details.


Friday (Jummah) Prayers are held in the Terminal 3 Multi-Faith Prayer Room at 13.00 (Winter), 1330 (Summer)
and at 12.45 and 13.30 in T2 Landside Prayer Room.

Timetables for Islamic prayers are provided in the Multi-Faith Prayer Rooms with correct times for Manchester.

Our Muslim Chaplains have verified the direction of the Qiblah as indicated on the floor or wall. The Angle of the Qiblah from Manchester Airport is 118.47° Mobile Phone reception can vary in strength around the Airport, and this can affect the reliability of results. If you doubt the accuracy of the Qiblah direction, call the Chaplaincy on 0161 489 2838.

At other times the Multi-Faith Prayer Rooms are available for everyone to use for prayer.