Revd George Lane

The Revd George Lane  – Co-ordinating Chaplain (Church of England) Mon - Fri
Office 0161 489 2838
Mobile 07958 876 148
The Revd George Lane, is the Coordinating Chaplain and has been in post since February 2012. Ordained in the Church of England in 1993, George has served in parishes in Leeds, Blackburn, East Yorkshire and between 1999 and 2007 was Vicar of Heald Green, at the end of Runway 1.  He has also worked as Communications Officer for the Church of England in Manchester and for a charity which promotes inter-faith dialogue and engagement. George says that this is the best job in the world, and enjoys having 20,000 colleagues around the airport. He also loves singing with colleagues across the airport in the Airport Choir, founded by Gareth Malone in 2012 for his TV series ‘Sing While you Work’.